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Receiving the title of the best production unit of province in the year 2016 by State Bureau of Standards

According to the report of Public Relations unit of Sane Rooy Zanjan Co., a celebration was held in the auditorium of the Chamber of Commerce of Zanjan, coinciding with World Standards Week, to thank the quality control managers along with top laboratory and production units.
At the conference, the eight managers who had achieved the top score of 60 were honored as the top quality control managers.
At mentioned conference, 6 top manufacturing plants were also appreciated. At this time, the establishment of quality management team, continuity and maintenance of quality characteristics of the product and the absence of defects, continuity of Standard Sign Permit Applications, an official certificate and improving technology were some evaluation criteria of quality control managers.
In World Standards Week Conference, Sane Rooy Zanjan Co. was selected as a top production unit and its quality control manager was appointed as a top quality control manager.
On the other hand, energy consumption optimization standards, having a partner laboratory of the National Institute of Standards, and the training activities of Unit in educating employees, were also some other selection criteria for the  top quality unit.
The motto of this year’s October 14, World Standards Day, was chosen as “standards are trust builders”.