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Receiving the title of the best exporter of the province in 2016

According to the Public Relations Unit of Sane Rooy, the ceremony was held at the auditorium of the Chamber of Commerce of Zanjan and Sane Rooy Zanjan Co. was celebrated as the best provincial exporter.
At the ceremony, the president of Industry, Mine and Trade said that in the first six months of this year, more than 98 percent of the province’s export goals have been achieved, whereas in past years, 30 to 40 percent of the total export volume of the province was performed in the first six months.
Nasser Faghfouri predicted an increase of 70 million dollars in province’s exports this year and said: In 1394, amounting to 263 million dollars of industrial goods was exported in our province, which our target for exports in 1395 with an increase of $ 70 million, is going to be $ 330 million.
He said that last year 80 percent of total exports were in the industrial sector, 5 percent of the exports in mineral raw materials, 9 percent in agricultural products, 5 percent in the area of carpet and one percent was in other items and in the past seven months, the province’s carpet exports have increased from 5 to 7 million dollars which this increase indicates the removal of the ban on exports of carpets and rugs as well as restoring its place in the province’s exports.
The president of Industry, Mine and Trade pointed out implementing export Audit Scheme and said: This year about 70 manufacturing and commercial units have presented their export plans and these plans are included in predictions.
Faghfouri added: Since the beginning of Aban this year, 400 exporting units or companies with at least 20 people were selected and divided into several groups.
He said that the biggest problem of exporting units is the return of value added tax to exporters and stated: The law states that the value added tax paid by exporters, must be returned within 15 days, but this time takes a long time in practice.
He pointed: Solving this problem will solve the problems associated with exporters’ working capital to a large extent and will also increase their motivation.
The president of Industry, Mine and Trade talked about equipping the province’s top exporters with credit cards and said that this year credit cards are issued for exporters for the first time with the aim of facilitating administrative bureaucratic process for these individuals.
Among other chosen exporters, Calcimin Co. Was selected as the top national exporter with $ 80 million of export, and Abhar Wire and cable Company, Iranian Zinc Industrial Expansion Company, Cooperative Commercial Services of FarzamTejarat, Pegah Zanjan Pastorized Milk Company, Saman Shimi Company, Arsam Granite Company, Silice Ara Company, Mahyar Socks Company, and Trading Company of Behrooz Zargham were also introduced.